STOA THEATRE COMPANY is a cultural, non-profit organization with the following objectives:

The presentation and promotion of quality theatre.
The presentation of new Greek playwrights.
Research on ancient theatre and presentation of ancient drama.
The encouragement and promotion of new artists, such as playwrights, musicians, actors, directors, set and costume designers and other artists related to the theatre.
The systematic study and research of new forms of theatrical expression.
The promotion of children’s theatre, the establishment of experimental performances in co-operation with professional educators.
g. The realization of theatrical decentralization through the creation
and support of community theatres.

Since 1971, the company is permanently housed and operating at STOA theatre, in the Zografou community of Athens.
There, featured are the Central Stage, the Children’s Stage and Stoa-2, presenting new, previously unperformed plays by new playwrights, as a rule, directed by new directors.
Out of the 100 plays produced by STOA to date, three have been Greek tragedies, 15 by international playwrights, 12 children’s plays and 70 modern Greek plays, 25 of which have been one-act plays and 50 full length plays. The Modern Greek plays were by 28 different playwrights, 22 of which received their ‘’maiden voyage’’ on STOA’s stage.
It is thus clear, that our main objective is the presentation of New Greek playwrights: in the past 40 years, the country’s most important playwrights have paraded on STOA’s stage.

STOA theatre is headed by Thanassis Papageorgiou, who is also the Central Stage’s resident director.

Lida Protopsalti, Stoa’s leading actress, heads the children’s stage.